St. Michael the Archangel


In the event of a death in the parish, contact O’Neill’s Funeral Directors anytime on 028 90 620099


Very Rev. David Delargy PP.

200 Finaghy Road North, Belfast, BT11 9EG.

Tel : 028 90 617519

Rev Eamon McCreave OSM.

Parochial House, 206 Finaghy Road North, Belfast BT11 9EG.



PARISH OFFICE (MON-FRI 9.00AM-3.00PM): Tel: 028 95 088030


CHURCH OF ST. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL, Finaghy Road North, Belfast, BT11 9EH.


Sunday: Vigil (Saturday) 6.30pm; 10.00am, 12noon;

Holydays: Vigil 6.30pm; 10.00am, 12noon.

Weekdays: Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri 10am, Wed evening Novena Mass 7.30pm.


Confessions: Wed 6.45pm-7.15pm, Sat 5.30pm-6.15pm.

Baptisms: 1st Sunday of each month 1pm.

Adoration: Each Friday after 10am Mass until 4.30pm.



St. John the Baptist Primary School, Finaghy Road North, Belfast, BT11 9EH. Tel: 9061 4546.

St. Michael’s Nursery School, 2 Stewartstown Road, Belfast, BT11 9JP. Tel: 9043 1040.

St. Genevieve’s Girl’s High School, Trench House, 87 Stewartstown Road, Belfast, BT11 9JP. Tel: 9092 5670.


INSTITUTIONS SERVED: Ballyowen House. Conor House, Glenowen Court.


ST. MICHAEL’S YOUTH CLUB: Tel: 9030 1406.


ST. LOUIS HOUSE: 91 Hillhead Crescent. Tel: 9061 8889.

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