In the event of a death in the parish, contact O'Neill's Funeral Directors anytime on 028 90 620099


Very Rev. Gabriel Lyons PP,

St Teresa’s Presbytery, Glen Road, Belfast, BT11 8BL. Tel: 9061 2855.

Rev. Laurence McElhill   Priest in Residence


PARISH OFFICE: Tel: 9061 2855




Parish Centre Booking Officer: 07742 451853



ST. TERESA’S CHURCH, Glen Road, Belfast, BT11 8BL.


Sunday: 12 noon;

Holydays: Vigil 7pm, 12 noon & 7 pm.

Weekdays: Thur-Sat 10am.


Sacrament of Penance: Sat 5.30-6pm.

Baptisms: Sun 1pm (2nd & 4th Sunday).

Exposition: Wed 9.30am-10.00am.


ST. MATTHIAS’ CHURCH, Glen Road, Belfast, BT11 8BB.


Sunday: 10am

Holydays: 17th March  - 10am; 8th December 10am

Weekdays: Tue-Wed 10am.


Sacrament of Penance: 1st Thurs after 10.00am Mass.

Exposition: 1st Fri 10.00am-4pm.


CHURCH OF HOLY SPIRIT, Glen Road, Belfast, BT11.


Holydays: Vigil 5pm.

Weekdays: Tue 7pm, Thur 7pm, First Friday 7pm.


Sacrament of Penance: First Friday 6.30-7.00pm.

Marriages: 3 months notice required.



Christian Brothers’ Secondary School, Glen Road, Belfast, BT11 8BW. Tel: 9080 8050.

St. Teresa’s Primary School, Glen Road, Belfast, BT11 8BL. Tel: 9061 2973/9061 1943.

St. Teresa’s Nursery School, 24 Bearnagh Glen, Belfast, BT11 8HR. Tel: 9061 6944.

St Teresa’s Youth Club, Glen Road, Belfast BT11 8BL. Tel: 9061 0850


INSTITUTIONS SERVED: Louisville Nursing Home, Colinvale Nursing Home.