FUNERALS In the event of a death in the parish, contact O'Neill's Funeral Directors anytime on 028 90 620099 PRIEST Very Rev. Paul Armstrong PP, 28 Willowbank Park, Belfast, BT6 0LL. Tel: 9079 3023. Email: Website:   CHURCH ST. BERNADETTE’S CHURCH, 113 Rosetta Road, Belfast, BT6 0LS. Masses: Sunday: Vigil (Saturday) 6pm; 10am, 12.00pm; Holydays: Vigil 7.30pm; 10am. Weekdays: Mon-Fri 9.30am, except Tues 7.30pm, Sat 10am.   Sacrament of Penance: Sat 12.00-1.00pm & after the Vigil Mass. Baptisms: First Sunday of the month or by arrangement. Marriages: Three months notice required. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament: Tues 7am-7pm, Sat 10.30am-1pm in the Lourdes Chapel. Novena: To our Lady of Perpetual Help. Tues 7.30pm. St. Bernadette’s Bethany Bereavement Group, Mob: 07733 773758   SCHOOLS St. Bernard’s Primary School, 46 Wynchurch Walk, Belfast, BT6 0JS. Tel: 9040 1796. St. Bernard’s Pre-school Play Group, 46 Wynchurch Walk, Belfast, BT6 0LL. Tel: 9079 0702.   St. Bernard’s Parish Centre, 113 Rosetta Road, Belfast BT6 0LS. Tel: 9040 1169   Parish Youth Club, Fri 6.00pm-10.00pm in the Parish Centre. Tel: 9040 1169.   Parish Office, 28 Willowbank Park, Belfast BT6 0LL. Tel: 9079 3023. (Hours: Mon-Thurs: 10.00am-1.00pm).   INSTITUTIONS SERVED: Forster Green Hospital; Lindsay School.